Ah, the 80’s! For some, this decade is synonymous with style choices of a questionable nature. Shoulder pads, Pepto pink leg warmers, and mullets could all fit easily into this category, but let’s not forget some of those great, forward-thinking trends such as the Mini-skirt, leggings and the Members Only Jacket. Now you’re talking 80’s cool.

The more progressive styles are totally having a resurgence right now and along with these, there is one such hairstyle trend looking to make its comeback. Yes, Ladies (and Gentlemen) it is of course ‘The Perm.’

That’s right, a hairstyle that for most would have fallen into the style camp of ‘questionable’ back in the day. Thanks to its negative associated adjectives; poufy, frizzy and crispy being fine favourites and not usually something one would aspire to weave into their hairstyle routine.

But behold! The Perms of today have a different agenda in mind. Thanks to celebs such as Kylie Minogue, and Beyoncé along with hot, new Instagram celebs such as Yalda Golshafari and Luz Pavon.

Think, smooth, glossy and in some cases, minimal effort. Gone are the days of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance and Justin Timberlake during his N Sync days.

With so many choices and beautiful outcomes, you can see why this hairstyle is enjoying a second wind. If this is a trend you are thinking of trying, then take a gander at some of the possibilities below.

Spot Perm – This type of perm chooses to focus on curling a specific part of the hair, such as the only the midsection. The result here tends to be a more natural wavy look.

Celebrity match – Think Rihanna at the 55th Grammy Awards.

Style it out with – you can take on so many looks with this. Try it with a bit of glam rock – an upper arm bangle, bling rings and a daring clutch bag, or switch it up and go Blair Waldorf; rocking that alice band and preppy shirt.

Root Perm – If you have lifeless and limp hair that refuses to acknowledge your home efforts to volumise, then this could be for you. As is suggested in the name, this type of perm only involves the roots. The small curl introduces beautiful body and works best on those with short hair, looking for a more glamorous finish.

Celebrity match – Cate Blanchett’s Red-carpet Retro.

Accessorise with – a red lip and strong brow. Stunning.

Partial Perm – This is a popular choice of perm for 2016, as it works well with most hair types. Only the ends of the hair are permed to enable texture to be worked in, producing a buttery soft and smooth finish.

Celebrity match – Mila Kunis whether on duty or keeping it casual.

Wear it with – do a Mila and wear it with a hot, tight-fitting party dress or sling on your boyfriend jeans and white tee for that off-duty, ‘I woke up like this’ look.

Volumising Perm – As the name would indicate, this perm is one for the bold. There is a bit more variety involved with the process but the general look tends to be tighter curls and can be likened to a more classic version of the perm.

Celebrity match – St. Vincent’s effortless cool.

Style it out with – another 80’s trend having its day, the Members Only Jacket and some gold bling!

Of course, with any new look, you will need to make sure you’re in great and steady hands so ensure to do your research and look for a hairdresser who specialises in what you want and try to avoid the word perm in a singular format. Always, always take a picture with you and ensure that you have an honest and open chat with your stylist of choice before you take the plunge so that you can both figure out what will work for your hair personally.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your wild side and embrace the 2016 perm. Contact us and arrange an appointment.