Keratin Brazilian Blow Dry

Technology in hair care is constantly evolving and we believe that it’s about time you were aware of hairdressing’s best kept secret. At the The-Hair-Salon we are devoted to finding out the secrets that enable us to give our clients exactly what they want, and what they want is that enviable shiny, glossy, and vibrant hair.

The keratin Brazilian blow dry is the latest, not so secret, revolution in hair care and the answer to transform all types of hair. The process transforms hair with the natural, keratin based treatment in order to return the hair to its shiny, smooth, and originally healthy state.

The Hair Salon Sheffield’s keratin Brazilian blow dry treatment not only transforms hair, but it also improves the elasticity for a continuous amazing look. Thanks to this treatment, The Hair Salon Sheffield have the ability to transform every type of hair every single day from coloured and straightened, to bleached and permed so our clients leave satisfied and rejuvenated.